We continue with another nwobhm band which had two legendary releases in the 80s!

Spartan Warrior

2018-12-17 16:55:55

We are very excited to present you yet another young and promising band!

You can also listen to these Austrians on our Trveheim Sampler Vol. 4. Prepare yourselves for a powerful show!


2018-12-16 15:40:11

Just like in past years, there will be a Spotify playlist to get into the right mood for the upcoming festival!

2018-12-12 13:04:19

This week we start with another band already announced on Trveheim Festival Vol. 3:

Known for their album "Fit For Fight", these danes will surely be rocking the night away!

Witch Cross

2018-12-10 11:52:00

And we continue with one of the delicacies of the Line-Up.
Last year we broke with our tradition booking german Heavy Legends unfortunately, but this can be regained!
This year we got a band that managed to release 11 albums in its existance, but the focus will lay on the ones from the 80's. And that will be unmissable for any melodic Heavy Metal Fan.
We are excited for:

Mad Max

2018-12-09 11:49:00

The next band is from switzerland and waves the flag of heavy metal in its purest form.
Having released 3 full length albums, this isn't a group that just started last year. Their Accep-Priest Mix will heat up the stage for sure!
Raise your hands for:

2018-12-08 10:05:00

The next band is known for havin released one of the most iconic US-Metal EPs in the 80's.
They reunited in 2016 with the name of one of their more known songs "Devil in Disguise" and since 2018 they use their original name:


2018-12-07 10:00:00

Trveheim wouldn‘t be Trveheim without newcomers!

For this reason we proudly present:

2018-12-06 10:48:10

Today we present you a band that was already announced at this year‘s festival!

Not many german NWOTHM Bands have reached a level of popularity they did.
We are definately looking forward to their energy driven show!

One, two, three, four Party Time!


2018-12-05 11:23:11

There is no need to rest!

From Newcastle Upon Tyne comes a formation which added a serious touch of Speed Metal to their NWOBHM roots that resulted in a unique sound. The band is able to preserve and transport this perfectly, especially in their energetic live shows!

We are glad to have them on the bill:


2018-12-04 11:13:48

For a good start to the week we present Sacral Rage!
These greek virtuosi released a killer album this year and will definitly heat up the venue at next year’s festival!

2018-12-03 07:23:00

Today we continue with a band from the USA.
Known from their classic albums battle of helms deep and second coming this band still releases highly anticipated material.

We are proud to have one of their fantastic performances at our fourth edition!

2018-12-02 06:55:00

Finally - here we go!
We can announce the first band.
Because we want to go full speed ahead, we start with the co-headliner!

It is a band that doesn't need any further introduction here. A NWOBHM-Giant which surely influenced the next generation of traditional heavy metal bands and always will.
We are happy also that the band still plays in a 80s line-up.

We are proud to present:
Tokyo Blade

2018-12-01 11:16:54

Trveheim Vol.3 Aftermovie

+++ Official aftermovie +++ Today we present you our official aftermovie of this years festival edition! Are you already excited for Vol. 4 in 2019? The first band will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned! ++++++++++ Heute zeigen wir euch unseren offiziellen Aftermovie vom diesjährigen Festival! Freut ihr euch schon auf Vol.4 in 2019? Morgen wird die erste Band angekündigt!

Gepostet von Trveheim am Freitag, 30. November 2018

2018-12-01 11:14:42

Trveheim Interview - Festival Vol. 3

Heute gibt es für euch das vorläufig letzte Interview mit Infos rund ums Festival! Credits The CLAW

Gepostet von Trveheim am Montag, 26. November 2018

Vorläufig letztes Interview von unserer diesjährigen Ausgabe mit Lenny und Konsty über Infos rund ums Festival.

2018-11-26 12:15:58

+++ Bands coming soon +++

Date: 23. & 24.08.2019

Presale start: 01.01.2019

2018-11-23 11:47:07

Satan Interview - Festival Vol. 3

Behold the mighty Satan (Band)! Check out another interview from this years festival edition! Credits to The CLAW

Gepostet von Trveheim am Freitag, 16. November 2018

Behold the mighty Satan! Check out another interview from this years festival edition!

2018-11-23 11:29:00

Portrait Interview - Festival Vol. 3

Check out our interview with Christian from Portrait at this years festival! Credits to The CLAW

Gepostet von Trveheim am Mittwoch, 14. November 2018

Check out our interview with Christian from Portrait at this years festival!

2018-11-23 10:37:06

Fan-Aftermovie Vol. 3

Trveheim maniacs! It's been a while, but we are back in business. Our dear friend Michael Wolf sent us a special Fan-Aftermovie! Hope you guys enjoy it and it brings back some amazing memories from this year's festival edition. More news comming soon!

Publicada por Trveheim en Viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2018

Trveheim maniacs!

It's been a while, but we are back in business. Our dear friend Michael Wolf sent us a special Fan-Aftermovie! Hope you guys enjoy it and it brings back some amazing memories from this year's festival edition.

More news comming soon!

2018-11-05 15:42:05


Thank you very much for this wonderful festival Vol. 3!

We are very honored by your many congratulations and still can barely grasp how numerous you have appeared

The whole crew wants to thank you! We are now taking a small deserved break to improve our concept even further. Thanks to you, we have recieved many new ideas and suggestions that we are trying to implement.

You guys are killer!

We will return with Vol. 4!

2018-08-28 16:02:15

All you can carry is your leatherjacket and a tent?
Don't worry we got you covered!

As last year you can withdraw money at our merchandise shop.

2018-08-21 05:09:10

So there was this Weißwurst-thing last year...
We admit, it wasn't perfectly organized. So we improved!

Friday and Saturday, starting at 10 in the morning, we open our infield and the chefs of Trveheim serve the best Weißwurst you can get at a festival.
And to fight a possible hangover there will be cold wheatbeer for breakfast as well.
Of course as low-priced as always, so safe your warm-ass camping beer for another festival.

2018-08-17 11:14:50

Due to your massive support Trveheim Festival Vol. 3 is sold out one day before the presale would have ended.

We are more than honoured you folks made this possible only after two years of Trveheim Festival.

The whole crew can't wait to welcome you all next Friday!

2018-08-15 17:17:58

Trveheimers! We are overwhelmed...
today you pushed us very very close to a sold out Trveheim!
This means: there are very little weekendtickets left and there are not going to be any at the box office.

Try your luck now and share with your friends, so everybody gets this info!

There will be a few daily tickets at the box office, though. So come early or order your weekendticket now!

We did not expect such a great resonance to our little Trveheim Festival and are amazed of what you obviously think of us!
Thank you so much!

2018-08-14 11:59:08

Never been at Trveheim? Look at that fine ass ground plan!

Now you know where you can find our free, warm showers and water toilets, the beergarden, the bathing lake and of course the heart of Trveheim: the concert hall!

[click for full-size pic]


Including today there are only 3 days of presale left!
To make sure everyone gets their ticket in time you can only pay via PayPal as of now.

Last tickets in our shop

2018-08-14 06:37:12

Look at the great food Hausler Hof offers during Trveheim Festival Vol. 3

Also there is some tasty breakfast!

[read more - full image]

Be aware!

As of right now there is only PayPal payment possible to assure on time shipping!
Presale ends in 33⃣ days!

2018-08-13 09:46:04

+++ We proudly present the upcoming Trveheim Sampler Vol. 4 & the brand new artwork for 2019 +++ The Sampler is going to be released on 24th of August and will be available for 5€ from the bands themselves or via! Also this shows the new Artwork for our 2019 festival! What do you think about the cover? And check out those 10 bands on the sampler! Aquilla - LÖANSHARK - Defender - War Dogs - SIN STARLETT - Wasted Act - Roadwolf - Lyzzärd - Final Fortune - Skullwinx

Gepostet von Trveheim am Freitag, 10. August 2018

We proudly present the upcoming Trveheim Sampler Vol. 4 & the brand new artwork for 2019

[read more]

2018-08-10 16:30:19

We are back online!

... and very sorry for the inconvenience. Therefore presale stops a day later at midnight of the 16th! This should be enough time to get your ticket still on time before you leave home for Trveheim Vol. 3

Last few tix as always on

2018-08-10 10:47:22

Unfortunately we have a little problem with our shop servers. So right now it is not possible to order from the Trveheim shop.

Our IT-Department is working very hard to solve this problem.
We keep you posted on the following developments.

Everyone who ordered via PayPal has been notified. Please check your mail account. Your tickets stay reserved!

2018-08-09 07:22:49

10 days until presale ends!

There are not many presale weekend tickets left!
Be quick and hurry to get your ticket just in time at:

2018-08-06 10:11:25

Have you been eyeballing this great line up and our fantastic location?
Did your friends tell you "Dude! You gotta come along! There's cool beer and heavy fucking metal!"

Hurry! Only two weeks of presale left. It stops on August 15th so make sure everyone gets his weekend ticket on time.

Get your ticket now on

2018-08-02 11:55:18

Dear Hungarian metal fans,

we're sorry for the little bug. We fixed it right away and you can order your tickets again in our shop.

Thanks for your patience!

2018-07-23 20:25:00

Only a few weeks until Trveheim Vol. 3 starts.

Pure 80s Heavy Metal festival with lake & beergarden

Remember that the Pre-Sale ends in mid-August!
Safe your tickets now on

2018-07-16 11:10:58

The pre-sale will end in 4 weeks [read more]

2018-07-13 09:54:16

We were able to reorganize our location setup and make room for more caravans!

[read more]

2018-07-07 09:02:04

Finally! There it is. The Trveheim Vol. 3 Running Order!
Minor time changes may be possible, though.

2018-06-29 10:00:00

As some may recall from last year. Trveheim does not provide a single portable toilet! There are only real, water flushed, ceramic thrones for all of you.
Also, besides our own lake, we do provide real showers with hot water!

Best thing: everything is included in the ticketprice. There won't be any additional fees!

Get your ticket NOW!

2018-06-27 06:50:04

Did you miss our infamous, highly idiotic Fan-Trailer for this year yet?

Either yes or no, here it is ...

2018-06-06 10:54:00

Here's some impressions of last year. Get your ticket now before it's too late!
[read more]

2018-05-16 10:00:00

Mindless Sinner as replacement for White Wizzard

[read more]

2018-05-09 12:30:00

White Wizzard split up and therefore are not going to play a show at Trveheim Festival Vol. 3

[read more]

2018-05-08 17:20:22

Dear Heavy Metal Maniacs
we wish to present you the updated Flyer!

2018-03-29 11:10:24

The amazing Roadhog from Poland will join our line up for Trveheim Vol. 3 and.

2018-03-12 07:38:50

The Car-Tickets for Trveheim Vol. 3 are sold out!

2018-03-11 16:10:42

The line up for Trveheim Vol. 3 is complete.

Spread the word and show your friends, Trveheim is back!

Get your tickets, and the new Trveheim Vol. 3 Sampler in our shop.

2018-02-02 10:19:26

There will be some minor changes this year. We were forced to increase the ticket price. However we managed to make some deals that will make life easier for all of us. Now the ticket …
[Read more]

2018-02-02 09:46:58