Witch Cross

Heavy Metal

Played at: Trveheim Vol. 4

Witch Cross was originally founded back in 1980 in the Danish city Hillerød by vocalist Alex Savage (aka Alex Nyborg Madsen) , Mike Wlad Koch and Thomas Stoney on guitars, Jan"Little John” Field on bass and Anders “A.C”. on drums.

The band recorded and released their first single “NoAngel/Are You There” in 1982 and received a lot of good press from the release.

After the 1 st single Thomas Stoney left Witch Cross and Cole Hamilton joined. The band began to developed their style with twin guitar parts and a more Judas Priest inspired sound.

Witch Cross then started writing and recording their debut full length album "Fit for Fight" which was produced by danish guitarist Ivan Horn ( who had produced the bands first single) and engineered by Niels Erik Lund who worked with Mercyful Fate and King Diamond at the legendary Easy Sound Studio in Copenhagen.

AC left the band shortly after the release of “Fit for Fight” and Lars (Tony Adams) Bjornstad became the new drummer.

Witch Cross toured mainly in Skandinavia but in 1985 the band went on a Dutch German tour and were captured live on video at the famous rock club Dynamo in Holland.

After the tour Cole Hamilton left the band and were replaced by Rene Rieland on guitar.

The band stood out in a period with many Danish bands hailing the darker sides of the religious spectrum like Mercyful Fate and King Diamond or pure AOR/melodic acts like Fate or Hero with a style that combined melodic power rock with social commitment and statements concerning the society! Even though Witch Cross had started out with rubber skulls and satanic altars etc. on the stage the band soon became know as the “smiling heavy metal band” of Denmark.

The band Witch Cross existed up until 1986 with changing line-ups though Jan "Little" John Field was the only original member.