Sacral Rage

Hi-Tech Metal

SACRAL RAGE were formed in December 2011 by Vaggelis F. (Drums), Dimitris K. (Vocals), Marios P. (Guitars) and Spuros S. (Bass) inspired by heavy/speed bands such as : AGENT STEEL , NASTY SAVAGE, EXCITER, JAG PANZER, VICIOUS RUMOURS, (early) HELLOWEEN, ANNIHILATOR, MERCYFUL FATE, JUDAS PRIEST, HELL, RUSH etc . Until now the band has released a rehearsal promo cd-r with 2 tracks (Return of the dead, Master of a darker light) and DEADLY BITS OF IRON FRAGMENTS, a seven track EP, that includes among the original material, a Nasty Savage cover and is released by EAT METAL RECORDS.

(Source: Youtube)