Mindless Sinner

Heavy Metal

Played at: Trveheim Vol. 3

Mindless Sinner is a Swedish heavy metal band formed around 1981 in Linköping.

The first line-up of Mindless Sinner were Christer Göransson (vocals), Magnus Danneblad (guitar), Anders Karlsson (guitar), Magnus van Wassenaar (bass) and Tommy Johansson (drums). At this time though, the band was known as Purple Haze. After a while they changed the name to Genocide, which is a song by Judas Priest (whom they were heavily influenced by).

Later in 1981, the band made their first live performance as warm-up to another Swedish band called Axewitch. The band played on and became more and more well known in their hometown.

But in 1982, Magnus van Wassenaar decided to quit the band. Instead of taking in a new bassplayer, Anders Karlsson went from his six-string to a four-string. At this point they changed the band's name to Mindless Sinner.

In 1983, the band decided to become a five-piece band again, so guitarist Jerker Edman joined the band in May 1983. At June 1983, they won a music contest, and the money that they got from it was enough to make the record that they've wanted to do for so long.

And so, at the end of the year, they recorded their debut-EP called "Master Of Evil". It was released in January 1984 and it contains four songs.

They kept on touring and they had plans to record another album in October 1984. But only two weeks before the session would start, Anders Karlsson had an accident and cut up his hand very bad. The injury was so bad, that he wouldn't be able to play for a very long time. After that, he never returned to the band.

Instead of bringing in another bassplayer, Christer Göransson played the bass on all of the tracks on the new album called "Turn On The Power" (released in early 1986 due to fuss with the record company). When they started to mix the album, they found their new bassplayer: Christer Carlson. On the back sleeve of the album it reads that he plays the bass on the album, but the only thing he contributed with was "the horror voice" on the song "Voice Of The Doomed".

In 1987, the band name was shortened to just Mindless, and the recording of new songs began. The band members also took on artist names. Christer Göransson became Chris G:son, Magnus Danneblad became Dan Blade, Jerker Edman became Jee Eden, Chister Carlson became Chris Carlson and Tommy Johansson became Tommy McJo.

In 1989 the last album so far was released: "Missin' Pieces".

But in 1990, Tommy Johansson didn't want to continue and the rest of the members didn't want to go on without him under this name, so the band played their farewell show in Stockholm, December 1990.

The rest of the members hooked up with the old drummer of Axewitch and formed the band Skinny Horse. They only made one record called "No Pain No Gain" in 1993. After that, Christer Göransson and Magnus Danneblad formed the band Fluff in 1996, together with old Mindless Sinner drummer Tommy Johansson and a friend of theirs called Hård-Per. They also only released one album, called "Volume One", in 1996.

On the third of November 2001, they made a comeback under their old name Mindless Sinner. The line-up was the same as it had been before Tommy quit the band. The gigs continued and in February 2002, Mindless Sinner played at the Motala Metal Festival, together with Iced Earth and some other bands.

Mindless Sinner broke up again during 2004.

In December 2013 it was made official that Mindless Sinner will get together once again to play at the Muskelrock festival near the Swedish town Alvesta in Småland. After the show, the band continued playing more shows in Spain and Germany amongst others, and on July 17, it was made official that the new Mindless Sinner-album "The New Messiah" would be released on October 16, 2015.

Source: Wikipedia