Diamond Falcon

Traditional Heavy Metal

Played at: Trveheim Vol. 2

The brothers Savage and Weazzel founded DIAMOND FALCON May 2012. After a short period of lineup-changes the band launched into touring the local Heavy Metal scene early 2013.

Early gigs with SCREAMER, FREEDOM CALL, LORD VOLTURE, STRIKER, SKULL FIST, STEELWING, LIZZY BORDEN and BLAZE BAYLEY as well as an intense liveshow complemented by a unique style of humor including the much sought for, intelligent interaction with the crowd quickly gained DIAMOND FALCON a reputation as an energetic and original live act in the Austrian Heavy Metal underground and beyond.
In 2017 DIAMOND FALCON were part of the Trveheim Vol. II lineup, sharing a stage with TYTAN, GRIM REAPER and CLOVEN HOOF.

Source: Facebook