Cloven Hoof


Played at: Trveheim Vol. 2

It is not necessary to describe the high level of cult, the legendary albums or their influence on heavy metal. This is surely an replaceable legend of the NWOBHM. Mister Lee Payne sent us a message concerning this special show in 2017. "If memory serves me right it has been 7 years since Cloven Hoof last played on German soil. Some of the most prestigious and enjoyable shows have taken place there, so why has it been so long? The simple truth is we played so many high profile festivals in a such short space of time that we had exhausted all the main festivals. Recording commitments tend to get in the way of live concerts for sure but we felt it needed a certain period for the metal public to get hungry enough to want to see the band live again. I am not talking about going through the motions, we want our fans to go crazy ape shit at our gigs. Someone once wrote a Cloven Hoof crowd react with almost a religious fanaticism towards the group. That's the way we like it of course because no half measures will do, when the Hoof play we give everything and like a two way mirror we desire the passion and the energy reflected back at us from the audience. That is what makes playing live so special. You can't get that kind of fervour if every year a band is treading the same old ground playing the same old gigs. We want to make each live concert a memorable event, that is why Cloven Hoof live shows are at a premium. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so when we do turn up at a venue near you everyone knows what to expect... high octane metal mayhem delivered with 100% commitment and dedication by all band members. The fans deserve nothing less, that is why all the group has to be on top of their game at every show. If they don't... well you know the score! We have regrettably changed personnel over the years in pursuit of excellence. It was simply that previous musicians failed to meet expectations. That is not to say some of them weren’t very talented, it was a case of they were not right for Hoof in terms of dedication. When I began the group in my head I had a vision of the sound I wanted and the type of musicians I needed. I was never really fully satisfied… until now! George Call is my all time ultimate vocalist. When I write a song his voice has exactly the right kind of range and power I envisage singing my tracks. Danny is the perfect drummer too, powerful and yet subtle in equal measure. Luke on guitar is undeniably a virtuoso lead guitarist who can shred with the best complimenting Chris's metronome rhythm tightness. For the first time I can hold my hands up and say this is what Cloven Hoof should have sounded like all along. It has taken years to get the right personnel but it is well worth the wait. Trveheim Festival is a fantastic event so my special thanks to Lenny for asking us to co headline. As I sit here after band rehearsal alone with my thoughts, I realize what an honor and privilege it is to be playing the concert next September in our beloved Germany. To play music all over the world is an incredible thing to do and we treasure the experience. I know how much the fans wanted to see us all this time, I have hundreds of emails to prove it. So rest assured the band will deliver one of our greatest metal performances ever to justify the long absence. I promise you will not be disappointed and I know we certainly won't be from the welcome you will give us. Until we next meet metal maniacs keep playing that metal LOUD till your ears bleed!" Lee Payne / Cloven Hoof