Played at: Trveheim Vol. 4

Metal, classic metal, thrash metal... NWOBHM! These are the defining genres that best describe AVENGER. Not a random stab at a description, but an archive of metal styles the band have molded themselves to and related to since their NWOBHM founding over three decades ago, by three members of the cult band BLITZKRIEG. During this time, AVENGER honed their playing skills and built up a worldwide fan base, enjoying rapturous receptions at festivals and concerts from the Eastern seaboard of America, to the metal hungry fanatics of Europe and down to the tropics of Latin America. From the word go, AVENGER always had this mission statement: get out and put on as intense and as professional show as possible. No wonder that AVENGER became one of the most respected British heavy metal bands. But that's not, and the story goes on: stay tuned, as AVENGER didn't say their last word yet. They are too wild to tame!

(Source: Facebook)