2nd Sight

Heavy Metal

Played at: Trveheim Vol. 3

2nd Sight 2017 is:

Rüdiger Beissert – vocals
Stellan Bohlens – guitars
Dennis Meyer – bass
Kolja Lauterbach – drums
Hannes Hüls – guitars (live)


2nd Sight is a heavy metal band based in the music scene of Hamburg, Germany. By dedicating their sound to classic 80s metal in all its characteristics and mixing it up with progressive rock arrangements from the 70s they combine technical musicianship with passionate stage acting thus forging a notably degree of originality.

Founded in January 2005 by Rüdiger Beissert (voice) and Stellan Bohlens (guitar) 2nd Sight recorded their first and still unreleased album “Second Sight” at LSD studios, Lübeck (i.a. Alestorm, Halcyon Way) in 2008 along with producer Lasse Lammert.

Soon after, some band members due to job-related reasons left the group leaving the band in a state of extended search for a steady line-up. However, through the years 2nd Sight were still active on the live front supporting, e.g. Paul Di’Anno (formerly Iron Maiden), Dragonforce, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Vicious Rumors, The Gate (formerly Running Wild), Mercenary, Mob Rules as well as conducting single headliner shows.

Welcoming Dennis Meyer (bass, formerly Aeons Confer) and Kolja Lauterbach (drums, formerly Faint Horizon) to the pack, 2nd Sight entered Rosenquarz studios, Lübeck (i.a. Atlantean Kodex, Incubator) in 2015 to record their second album “Samsara”. Under the direction of producer Michael Hahn the final mix and master were finished in spring 2016.

Young guitar prospect David Klosinski (Uli Jon Roth-Band) and Benno Hankers (Night Laser, backing vocals), as well as former guitar player Tjark and long-time live guitarist Hannes Hüls left their mark on “Samsara” by brilliant guest appearances whilst graphic artist Markus Vesper (i.a. Manilla Road, John Sinclair) took charge of the cover artwork coloration.

Now 2nd Sight is heading for a record label which shares the band’s 80s approach and brings them to the stage of famous underground metal festivals such as Keep It True, Metal Assault or Headbanger’s Open Air. By releasing “Samsara” and conducting distinctive touring activities 2nd Sight plan to attract metal maniacs all around the world.

Meanwhile songwriting for the third album has already begun…